18.Virginia Evert
Alan your pics are so awesome. I picked out several landscapes - I bought a house now I need some wall art. So hard to pick from.
15.Felicia Nestor(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos Alan. Happy to see how much you obviously enjoy photographing nature. Best, Felicia
13.Richard Mendez(non-registered)
Those were some amazing pictures; who would have known you had such great talent!
9.Paul Johnson(non-registered)
Enjoyed viewing your site, many nice shots that made me feel like I was there. Thanks!
7.Ronda J. Yung
Alan your pictures of the Family Reunion were once again awesome. I appreciate all you and Leanne do. Your art is wonderful through the lens of your camera. keep up the good work. When you Leanne plan a trip to the Ozarks in southern Missouri let me know. Beautiful part of the country also, especially the fall. Ronda Yung
6.Linda La Chance(non-registered)
awesome work as always
5.Angela Daughtrey(non-registered)
Love to get on the site and see your pictures! So beautiful - one day I will have one or two to hang on my wall.
4.Anita Lehky(non-registered)
Absolutely gorgeous pictures! WOW!
3.Debby Krontz(non-registered)
I love all of your pictures. You really show your love of photography.
Do you allow people to download your photos for wallpaper?
I would love to have them as my screen saver as well.

I work with Tonya Anderson and I know Ken and Kathy and we discussed your website last weekend. Austin's football pics are great. You truely do a wonderful job with the wildlife.
Keep up the great work you do.
2.Twila Berry(non-registered)
Oh what beautiful pictures!! Your talent is remarkable Alan. Love & Hugs to you and Leann
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